Mississauga Chapter

Hackathon Invitation: Alexa Skills Challenge for Kids

The Mississauga Chapter is organizing a Hackathon for high school students. The goal is for the Mississauga Chapter to support a team of high school students so that they may enter into the Amazon Alexa Skills Challenge. $250,000 in prizes are being given away by Amazon.

The organizing committee is looking for Engineers with a software development background who have experience with JavaScript. If mentoring and teaching students about JavaScript is your expertise, please email Brett Chmiel at brett.chmiel@peo-mc.ca.

We are also looking for high school students so if you have a son or daughter that would be interested in participating in this challenge, please email me about this as well.

For more information about this challenge, please go to this Amazon Alexa Blog page, Amazon Alexa’s Github repo and the video from below.