Mississauga Chapter

Licensing Assistance Program (LAP)


Purpose: To provide guidance and advice to candidates for obtaining the Professional Engineering License, P.Eng.Licensing Assistance Program (LAP) is a process for the casual transmission of knowledge, motivation and support perceived by the mentee as relevant to career and/or professional development. LAP provides mentees with skills they may traditionally have to acquire through trial and error and costly mistakes. Mentors help mentees to obtain their P.Eng. License by providing their engineering expertise but are not expected to be career counselors or to find jobs for the mentees.

Professional Engineers Ontario – Mississauga Chapter (PEO-MC) has started a voluntary mentoring program where experienced professional engineers mentor other mentees who are going through the licensure process. Mentors support mentees by giving them advice and guidance to help them settle into the engineering profession.


LAP is a formal relationship between a mentor and a mentee with mutually agreed-upon, clearly defined goals for the mentee. Mentors can specifically help guide the mentees through the process of obtaining the Professional Engineering License (P.Eng.).
The relationship, however, should be between two individuals who do not have a direct reporting relationship, but rather a relationship in which coaching and guidance can be provided in a non-judgmental way

Who can be a mentor?

Mentors are professionals who have engineering knowledge and business experience to provide guidance to mentees to help them obtain P.Eng. License and settle into the engineering profession.

Benefits of joining LAP:

  • Helping a mentee to receive P.Eng licence
  • Understanding other cultures
  • Making a difference in someone’s life
  • Learning about yourself
  • Having fun!

Criteria for joining LAP:

  • Having P.Eng licence
  • Having engineering knowledge and business experience
  • Living in Mississauga area

Who can be a mentee?

Mentees are people who have the engineering knowledge, language and willingness to succeed in their engineering branch but need guidance and advice to obtain P.Eng. Licence.

By working with a mentor, a mentee can achieve the following:

  • Understanding of the Canadian workplace culture
  • Selecting engineering skills upgrading programs
  • Obtaining guidance through the licensure process
  • Improving professional terminology
  • Locating technical publications, seminars, and workshops on recent developments in engineering field
  • Identifying skills required in the market demand
  • Establishing professional network


Criteria for joining LAP:

  • Completion of the academic requirement for licensure
  • Passed or registered for Professional Practice Examination (PPE)
  • Living in Mississauga area


Applicants (mentors and mentees) please follow this link to start the application process.


Chair: Feras Sheitt, EIT.