Mississauga Chapter

Communication Committee

Purpose: To ensure efficient communication to the chapter, from the chapter, and within the chapter.

Communication is one of the most important aspects of operation of any organization.

Different types of communication media are used to deliver information, such as the Web portal, Email, Social Media, and Newsletters. The process of communication occurs in the following directions: chapter board to members, members back to the board, as well as between members themselves. It is our goal to ensure that all three directions are addressed.

We will try our best to deliver information to our audience fresh, immediately after it has been released. News, photos, board minutes, articles, publications, comments, these are just a few types of the information that we are delivering to you.

If you have ideas on how to improve communication in our chapter, please contact us via email at Support.

Chair: Galal Abdelmessih, P.Eng.