Mississauga Chapter

Government Liaison Program (GLP)

Purpose:To administer Government Liaison Program that was created by PEO to let government hear the voice of engineers.

Liaison between mayor and local councillors, MPPs, and MPs with PEO to impress the role of PEO as a regulatory body for engineering practices in Ontario. Committee meets with all levels of the government to inform them about the roles of PEO and gather information about the engineering projects and activities undertaken by government.

Government Liaison Program engages members in a number of initiatives through a comprehensive three-pronged approach:

  1. Facilitating strong, on-going relationships between chapter members and their local MPPs
  2. Actively monitoring and taking action on policy proposals and upcoming legislation that could affect PEO and the Professional Engineers Act
  3. Providing communications and policy support to express PEO policy positions to government policy makers
Ultimately, the long term desire is that involvement in the Government Liaison Program sparks the interest of more engineers to hold public office and have the profession’s voice represented directly at the decision-making table.