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  • PEO-MC supports team Addi2de in North American Open FLL
PEO-MC supports team Addi2de in North American Open FLL1

The Mississauga Chapter of Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) is pleased to announce the following award categories for its members only (irrespective of Licence category):

  • Engineering Excellence Award: It recognizes chapter member for overall engineering excellence demonstrated through innovative application of engineering principles and knowledge that may lead to solving unique problems, development of products and services and meaningful impact for the society.
  • Management Award: It recognizes chapter member for exceptional work towards managing engineering projects or enterprises, which resulted in significant success and overall excellence.
  • Entrepreneurship Award: It recognizes chapter member ability to establish new companies and/or assist established companies to grow in new directions through development of new ideas and innovative approaches in engineering.
  • Young Member Award: It recognizes chapter member, no older than 35 years of age as of December 31 in the year the nomination is submitted, who has made significant contributions in his/her respective field of engineering and has demonstrated excellence, not only in professional career, but also through active engagement in community and professional services.

Please fill out the application form, enclosed here and submit by December 15, 2015 All submissions should be sent to the following e-mail address:Sushanta Mitra, P.Eng.

IMPORTANT: Please provide complete information. Be sure to sign and date your application. All provided information is confidential in accordance with the PEO Privacy Policy, and will be used solely to determine successful awardees.

NOTE: You can download this application form over the Internet at our Chapter website HERE.